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Meet Our Career Scripters

We are in the business of making your career exciting, rewarding and fulfilling.


Deepa Mahesh is a certified Expressive Arts Therapist and a Psychologist and has 14 years of corporate experience as a HR professional with key contributions in areas of Organization Development, Training and Talent Management.
Deepa helps the journey of Self Mastery through art. She integrates Bodywork, Movement, Theatre, and Visual Arts in her workshops and her work as a LiFE CoACH. She helps people connect to their bodies, feel their emotions, be in a reflective space, release limiting beliefs, and create a future in tune with their highest potential.


Sanjith Vasudev is an HR professional and coach with a strong passion to inspire companies and professionals to achieve their true potential.
He is a certified FIRO-B administrator and has 15 plus years’ experience in heading various HR functions in for IT product firms and at Aditya Birla Group.

We have carefully chosen an elite team of career scripters who are not the typical “career consultants.” To start with, we have a personal stake in co-scripting your career story. We don’t just give you general tips, but also dirty our hands to create your resume, note down your STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) stories or write your LinkedIn summary section.

That’s not all. We aren’t just resume writers or LinkedIn profile creators. We have sufficient expertise in all aspects of career management, complemented by a cool level of practical wisdom to know what will work for you and what will not. Some of us are also qualified coaches and therapists who can help you tide over a career crisis and regain confidence.

One common theme is that all of us have spent enough time in the corporate jungle to know the rules. Additionally, we keep learning and updating ourselves so that our knowledge and suggestions are well-aligned with the current market requirements and trends. For us, the job that you do is part of a bigger aspect of your career. That’s what helps us advise you and work with you confidently.

And what drives us to do this? The kick we get when we help you find meaning in your job. The excitement you exhibit when a great resume or a fantastic LinkedIn profile is created. The joy you radiate when you clear the interview for your dream job. The satisfaction we get when you make great career choices.

In short, we are united by a passion to frame fulfilled and rewarding careers.