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I was not utilizing LinkedIn and its features until I availed the LinkedIn Profile Enhancement service from ScripMyCareer. My Career Scripter helped me showcase my experience and skills in a more readable & Interesting way. The story-telling method of putting project & experience is quite unique. Overall my interaction with ScriptMyCareer has been of immense help.

- Project Manager with IBM

ScriptMyCareer Resume Building service has a personal connect and thus stands out from others who offer similar services. Their approach ensures that the story line of a resume is clear and that it has a strong professional pitch. The consultation sessions with the career scripter were insightful and boosted my confidence.

- CFO with one of the world’s largest conglomerates

ScriptMyCareer has helped me to tailor my resume to project my skills better to the potential recruiters. The Career Scripter analysed my skills, competence and experience in detail and then came up with a framework to build my resume. It has immensely helped me to secure a job recently!

- Senior Business Analyst with a product company

ScriptMyCareer’s Resume Building service has played a big role to tune my resume into a true winner. Over a couple of telephonic conversations, the Career Scripter was able to trim down and firm up my resume into one that has ensured me a sure shot call from recruiters. Being a seasoned veteran in the industry, he was able to point out the areas that needed more work on my resume and also how I can make the key points stand out in the best way possible.

- Delivery Manager with an IT services company

When I decided to make a slight transformation in my career, I was finding it hard to modify my CV in line with the new roles that I was looking forward to. Even though I had the skill set for the role which I was striving for, it was different from what I have done in the past. That’s when I approached ScriptMyCareer. The Career Scripter revalidated my career choice, critiqued my resume and helped me tailor it for my aspiring role. The interaction was extremely professional and the focus was on helping me to present my candidature in the right way in the eyes of prospective employer.

- HR Consultant with one of the big four consulting firms

It’s been a wonderful and fruitful outcome for me to have you guys co-scripting my profile. It really helped me to now have a clear picture on aligning my skills and competencies in an organized fashion and showcase the same in my profile. You guys are doing a fabulous job and wish you to continue in same way.

- QA professional with ESPN

Great job and quick service! Though my domain was different and niche, it was quite easy to communicate my thoughts to the Career Scripter who was working on my profile. I have managed to get many interview calls already with my new resume crafted by ScriptMyCareer.

- Mental Health Counsellor

I always knew that length of my CV needed to be reduced but was clueless about how to do it without taking away vital details. That’s when I approached ScriptMyCareer and they did an incredible job to make my resume smart and crisp. Now my resume reflects my profile very well and makes a lot more sense to recruiters.

- Project Manager with one of the top five IT services companies