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Start Career Action

Publisher: Brands & Folks Consulting
Date of launch: 1 September 2021

Ever wondered why some people get the coolest jobs in the market and enjoy successful careers while many others are stuck in a job that they hate and with a boss they despise? People who are stuck normally live in constant fear of poor appraisals, being sidelined during promotions and getting fired during the next lay-off cycle.

This distinction exists due to the difference in the way successful and not-so-successful people approach their careers. Successful professionals take simple, firm, powerful steps to get ahead in their careers. Everything they do blends into a great story; the story of how they started their careers, how they got into leadership roles, how they took control of difficult situations, what they did to overcome challenges, and which decisions helped them achieve success.

This book is for working professionals irrespective of seniority, for students aspiring for dream careers, for those who want to quit working for better opportunities and even for the ones looking at restarting their careers. Through the chapters you will see a story unfolding with you in the lead role, where you can interpret the twists and turns in your work life and ultimately get to a happy ending!

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