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Your career is your business. It’s time for you to manage it as a CEO.


The most important element that shapes your career is the job you do. While switching to a new job, an applicant has various parameters to consider:  Job role, salary, type of company, domain, working environment and what not! But when you are considering to switch your job amidst the turmoil of Covid 19 pandemic when millions of people are being laid off, then the stress is real. A crease of tension marks its permanent presence on your forehead. In the pandemic times, the desire to make a next big move doesn’t sound very appealing. There is a negative outlook for economy and timing just don’t seem to be right to take a risk. You tend to let go of your dreams and finally, settle back with your old job.


Well, we at ScriptMyCareer believe in reverse action. There couldn’t be a better time to make a switch! That’s because,

  • People are being laid off but at the same time, numerous companies are hiring people in large proportions. You just to have to start looking in the hiring domain.
  • More businesses have entered into digital world, making their online presence stronger than ever. This has enabled them to expand their business, creating more demand for workforce.
  • Gone are those days when you had to wake up at 7 AM and wrestle the traffic to reach the office at 10 AM. Thanks to Covid, the trend of ‘work from home’ has become a reality in most sectors.
  • More and more companies are advertising permanent work from home positions which means your city of residence is no more a constraint for you to get a good job.
  • If you are looking for a comeback to the industry, then remote working can be a big advantage for you, especially for new parents.

Don’t let this pandemic make you feel stuck at your old boring job for another 2-3 years. If you want to make a switch, then do it. But let it not be an impulsive decision but a rational well-researched one.

Here are some parameters to keep in mind to take a wise decision while making a job switch during the pandemic.


Clarity on Why This Switch

It’s absolutely crucial to have a clarity on why you want to make a move. What are you expecting from your new job? What were the things you didn’t like in your old job? You need to have a crystal-clear answer for these questions. These answers form a basis of your research. It helps you to find jobs in your domain, profiles which you are interested in, and ensure that you will not require to switch your job soon.


ScriptMyCareer uses a tool named ‘Career Journey Planner’ which is a simple questionnaire having deep thinking questions that helps you to dive into your inner mind and gain clarity on your career journey. You can use this tool free of cost and benefit from it.


Research on Company

While applying for numerous jobs, you sometimes end up getting multiple calls for interview. A very important step before you give your job interview, is to research on the company. Check on its competitors, its recent news (both negative and positive), whether the company had any recent layoffs or not, its quarterly results, financial statements, market positioning and major clients (in case of B2B). It will help you to take a calculated risk.


You can create your own research report of the company and analyse whether working there would help you in achieving your goals or not.  You can talk to people working there by connecting with them on LinkedIn or through any other reference. You can also take help from sites like Glassdoor for your detailed research and check out company’s website and news for recent updates. At ScriptMyCareer we use a format called ‘Corporate Resume’ to capture all this details.


Introspect the Primary Need at the Moment

Sometimes motive behind changing the job is to raise your ticket value, i.e., your salary. You feel undervalued at your previous job and know that you could get better package in a new company, thus, you start applying for jobs.


There could be two situations. One, you get the job with high package but work is not related to your domain. In this situation, if your motive is high package, then you take the job to raise your ticket value and then after spending a reasonable time period, you could change the job in your domain and enjoy increased worth.


On the other hand, if your need is to get an experience in your domain with the right roles, then you can give lower priority to package.Therefore, you need to be clear with your primary need and goal and make your next job as a strong stepping stone in your career.


Check Cultural & Character Fit

We have often heard the saying, “Made for each other”. It’s usually used for couples but with slight modification, in the context of career, we can also use to check the compatibility between you and an organization. Everyone has a unique personality. We often bond with people who have same characteristics as we have. Work environment and culture of the company play a crucial role in our growth and mental peace. Find the match with your characteristics and the organization.


Also analyse, whether the role is offering an upward movement opportunity or not. Check the competitiveness within the company. How many people are working at your level and what is the promotion potential. Ask for the details with HR or any interviewer who can help you. Reach out to them, clarify your points and don’t assume anything. How you were treated as a candidate can itself be a good indicator of the company culture.


Salary Structure

Before committing to the new job, check how much hike company is giving in terms of salary. Sometimes, organizations lure candidates with high package but later, candidates realise the difference between fixed pay and variable pay. Make sure that variable pay is a reasonable portion and there is clarity on pay-out conditions and frequency. There should be sufficient increment in your fixed pay. Benefits like insurance policy coverage is of paramount importance during these uncertain times.


Network with People

Use the networking opportunities to find a job or to research on potential companies. Networking works in its own wonderous ways. LinkedIn is the best social medium for professional networking.


Make use of your networks and don’t be shy to ask for opportunities in the modest way. Make a list of your potential employers and list out people in your network who work in those companies. Find right openings and reach out to your contacts who could refer you.


It’s the time to explore the other side of the coin. If there are any “what ifs” in your life then take that risk and change it into, “I did it”. This pandemic in a way has made this world a bit stronger.


Job switching is a calculated risk, but it is a necessary step in your career ladder. When in dilemma regarding a job change, do you research, count on your intuition and make informed choices. Leap of faith plays an important role in career just as in life.