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Personal Branding & Thought Leadership Package for Leaders

There comes a point in your career journey where you want to call the shots on the type of role and kind of company you are eying at. You are no more running around with a resume and applying randomly. You don’t settle for roles that don’t impact or companies without the potential to grow. You belong to the CXO league. A resume or a typical LinkedIn profile will not position you the way you want. You have valuable experience, built expertise, and made your mark in the field. Your story needs to be told in a way that puts you in a position where you never have to explain/justify yourself.


Aim of this service is to position your brand and establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry. This personalised service is designed to help you identify your core personal elements, define your unique personal brand, and tell your career story in an interesting manner (across your resume, LinkedIn, your thought pieces and in interviews). We have crafted the service with an inside-out approach to ensure that your personality is captured truly, mental blocks are knocked over and you have a credible story that is authentic. This way, you will establish your brand over a period of time so that you will be discovered automatically by potential employers.

What do you take-away?


1. Personal Brand Elements defined after a structured process
2. Compelling resume to be shared with Executive Search firms/direct contacts
3. Detailed version of your resume 
4. A brand-new LinkedIn Profile that is rich in content, sharp in focus and visually appealing
5. Handpicked topics for you to write on (aligned to your brand elements and appeals to the world)
6. Review and support for initial articles
7. Continued LinkedIn support to enhance quality & quantity of the connections, obtain recommendations etc.
8. Optional support on content generation

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