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Entrepreneurial Quotient Assessment and Coaching

The thought of being your own boss is tempting and it does bite most of us at some stage. However, it would be wise to check your readiness before taking the plunge. This is where our Career Scripters can help you understand your EQ(Entrepreneurial Quotient) and get a clear picture.


Many industrialists and successful business leaders today are the ones who broke out from the comfort of their secure jobs in the yesteryears. Your heart tells you that you want to be like them – owning a great business, realizing your dreams and creating wealth for yourself and your investors.

While it is good to trust your instincts and gut feeling, it would be prudent to check your readiness and enhance your understanding about your options, before you jump in. ScriptMyCareer has designed a simple tool that can help you identify your entrepreneurial quotient and take better decisions.

How do we do that?


  • Fill in certain fields
  • Take a strengths and Entrepreneurial Quotient (EQ) inventory


  • Principles of strengths-based career planning
  • Sneak peek into the life of an Entrepreneur


  • Obtain your customized strength Report
  • Obtain your customized EQ report
  • Speak with your career scripter on your career context, current realities and risk appetite

Get Results:

  • Short-term and Medium-term action plans reviewed
  • Optional follow-up consulting with career scripter

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