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Management of Mid Career Crisis


Nearly everyone goes through this phase, irrespective of gender, sector, role, talent and past success. But most of us fail to recognize it because it manifests differently and only a deeper look reveals the common patterns. Our Career Scripters can help you sail through this phase and enjoy your career again.


Mid-Career Crisis is not just a career stage – it deserves the status of a “crisis” due to its ability to clutter our thought process and bring disillusion to us.

However, if you understand this phase properly and sail through it using a few powerful techniques, this stage can help you just like a change of guard helps a batsman after an innings break, in the game of cricket. This can ensure that a successful second innings is played with ease. Our Career Scripters can coach and empower you using a tested method to tide over a mid-career crisis and help you rediscover your goals.

How do we do that?


  • Fill in a questionnair to capture the struggles


  • Module on mid career crisis and its manifestations
  • Basic concept of Career Anchors


  • Consulting session with the Career Scripter chosen specifically for your profile

Get Results:

  • Get your career anchor identified
  • Get the short-term and medium term action plan reviewed by Career Scripter
  • Progress Review of action plan at defined frequencies
  • Course corrections