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Manage Your Manager

Irrespective of the role, your manager is an important character in your career story, capable of twisting your story in some direction.

Tackling your manager could prove tricky but you can succeed if you stick to some simple strategies.


Your career is a story with you as the protagonist and a bunch of other characters. In this story, your manager’s role could be that of a godfather, supporting actor or sometimes even that of a villain. But managers are like your parents – you can’t choose them!

At times, your manager can appear so powerful that you could get overwhelmed by his/her actions. However, if you see the big picture, you will realize that you still hold the steering wheel. Our robust process and experienced career scripters can help you understand how you can turn around a seemingly unsalvageable relationship with your manager, into an amicable one.

How do we do that?


  • Have an open session to share your current struggles
  • Map your manager to the right type using our tool


  • Tips & Tricks of Managing your manager


  • Consulting session that covers aspects addresses points specific to the type of manager
  • Specific points of conern that are not addressed

Get Results:

  • Possible options to address specific points of concern
  • Customized action plan and tracking sheet
  • Optional review session with Career Scripter

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