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Resume Builder & Interview Coaching pack

Your resume is the door opener for your dream job and you need to master the interview to get inside.

Our career scripters will get your resume in shape and coach you on how to nail those interviews.

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As the cliché saying goes, you get only one chance to make a great first impression and your résumé is the tool to do that with your potential employer. It is often a difficult task to focus and work on your profile, given your busy schedules.

We will run your resume through our robust process to figure out what’s great about it and what’s not so great. Our career scripter will understand your carer context and help you build a great resume within a week with minimum effort from your side.

What follows is the practical interview guidance that brings together the collective experience of all our career scripters to address the most critical elements – Confidence & Preparedness. You will have enough tools and templates in your hand to master the interview and you get a unique mock interview experience and subsequent report.

How do we do that?


  • Submit your available profile
  • Fill in certain detail fields


  • Customized Resume Critique Report
  • Handpicked Resume format for you
  • Basic context of interview according to your experience range
  • Non-negotiables of interviews


  • Consuting Session that addresses points specific to your profile and aspiring roles
  • Subsequent Consulting session with our Career Scripter on potential interview questions and suggested approach
  • Telephonic mock interview session


  • Get your final modified profile after several rounds of review
  • Detailed Feedback Report based on Mock Interview and follow up consulting sessions
  • Tools like Interview Ready Rockoner, Corporate Resume, My STAR stories

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