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Retirement Career Planning

A formal retirement date is kind of old-fashioned and most of us see it as a semicolon rather than a full stop. In fact, the term “retirement” is losing its relevance, thanks to the improved quality of life and increased life expectancy.

If you want to retire and do something you really love (and get paid for it), our service can help you achieve that.


All of us nurture a dream of getting into something that we love to do (and earn some money along the way) post-retirement. There are many ideas that you might have picked up, a few strengths that you have discovered, and a lot of success stories that you have seen. Yet, it is important to have a clear plan well before the actual retirement.

Our Retirement Career Planning solution can help you identify your strengths and passions much before retirement, create a plan towards retiring well (even as you continue in your job), and decide on a retirement date considering all aspects including your social and financial needs.

How do we do that?


  • Fill in certain fileds
  • Take a strenghts and Entrpreneurial Quotient (EQ) inventory


  • Principles of strenghts-based career planning
  • Sneak peek into the life of an Entrepreneur
  • Module on how to capitalize on your expertise


  • Obtain your customized strength Report
  • Obtain your customized EQ report
  • Speak with your career scripter on your career context, current realities and risk appetite

Get Results:

  • Short-term and Medium-term action plan to prepare you for post-retirement engagement
  • Optional follow up consulting with career scripter

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