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Strength based Career planning


Do you enjoy your job? Are you happy and proud with the things you create at work? Are you appreciated at your workplace?

If the answers to all the above questions are not affirmative, chances are that you are fighting a wrong battle.


Many a time, choices made by the people who love you, peer pressure and other factors can force you to choose a career that you might not really be interested in. Instead of giving into external pressure, if you take some time to identify your strengths and choose a career stream that you really want to pursue, you will most likely enjoy your job and go on to be very successful.

But chances are that you have already traveled some distance. The good news is- It’s never too late to do something new, different and good. ScriptMyCareer uses standard Strength Inventory for people who want to evaluate their strengths and make career decisions accordingly. The extent and the pace of change can be altered according to your context and realities.

Our Career Scripters will help you with term-based action steps to ensure an exciting and rewarding career.

How do we do that?


  • Fill in certain fileds
  • Take a strenghts invenotry


  • Principles of strenghts-based career planning


  • Obtain your customized strength Report with suggested roles and industries
  • Speak with your career scripter on your career context, current realities and risk appetite

Get Results:

  • Short-term and Medium-term action plan reviewed
  • Optional follow up consulting with career scripter